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Good parenting is the setting stone that lays the foundation for your child’s future. A child is not only a blessing in disguise; it is a magical being that transforms your entire life, making the journey a powerful and gratifying learning experience. However, raising a child is rife with responsibilities. Parenting plays a vital role in child’s health, productivity, character, motivation and the ability to empathize with others. To help you along the journey, Boundless Parenting is here to empower you by creating awareness as to the challenges your child may face or is facing through their childhood. From childbirth to adolescence, we are here to provide you with proactive and nourishing guidance that will help you raise a responsible and caring human being.

For more than 15 years, our dedicated founder, Mary Johnson, has devoted valuable time to studying, analyzing and assisting with accelerated human growth and personal development of children. While proficient as a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Trainer, Mary also works as a peak performance and a personal development strategist. This has helped a number of children with personal growth, interpersonal skills, confidence issues and has aided them immensely in overcoming fear. She also has worked as a counselor and a professional clinical hypnotherapist in order to help children conquer behavior problems such as anxiety, anger, fear or self-reliance issues.

Here at Boundless Parenting, we believe in holistic approaches that help your child grow naturally and with confidence. We value our clients and assist people from all walks of life regardless of color, creed, race or sexual orientation. We are passionate about helping parents from every background, despite their financial status or social standing. Our brand highlights this concept of breaking borders and the barriers that accompany it, with love and care, to nurture the future generation.

Mary has a deep love for kids; having two children and seven grandchildren, she has always been very fond of children. She is passionate about helping as many parents as possible in order to guide and assist them in this transformational time that is parenting. In addition to Boundless Parenting, she has written a series of E- learning books, blogs, metaphor CDs and recorded downloadable CD recordings to provide adequate information to caretakers through every stage of their child’s life. These CDs are highly beneficial in overcoming children’s behavior problems that might be impeding their growth and tarnishing their confidence.

We understand the importance of caretaking and the concern it brings every new parent. We offer our materials in the form of books and CDs in an affordable and cost-effective manner, without burdening parents with financial constraints. Boundless Parenting is here to help generate awareness regarding certain parenting styles that could trigger a fulfilling and outstanding future for your child, all while preserving a golden journey for you as a parent.

Let us help you make this beautiful time as rewarding as possible, contact us today to let us help revolutionize your parenting experience!