Raving testimonials from our readers and clients

Dear Mary Johnson,

Last year my husband and I approached you and relayed to you our concerns about our eldest son, who was in his last year at Primary’s School. Our concern was that although he had always been an attentive student, he was very shy, and had very low self-esteem, which resulted in him not wanting to participate at school in various activities and nit wanting to mix with other children. My son also showed some anxiety when it came to talking about him going to High School.

You spoken at length with my husband and I and you explained that our son’s behavior could be related to perhaps the parenting style we were using with him. Although this came as a surprise to us, both my husband and I decided to work with you in order to clarify the problem. Both my husband I were concerned that had we not addressed the matter with our son, he could have a very traumatic time in his first year of High School, which no doubt could stay with him through his Schooling years and perhaps his life

The Initial work was with my husband and myself and we must say we were surprised how unintentionally we were to a degree instrumental in the way our son was behaving. You took time explain to us, in everyday plain English what we were doing right and what we were doing not so right and you gave us suggestions and guidance as to what to do differently. You also worked with our son and used what you said were NLP Interventions and taught him some life coaching technique.

When he started High School this year, we saw some improvement, however, I believe the letter we have just received from his School Principal speaks for itself. I am forwarding you a copy of this letter because we believe that commendation in that letter relates to you as it does to our son and to us parents. Thank you so much for playing such an instrumental part in turning our son’s life around. Both my husband and myself are very proud of him but equally important he is proud of himself.

Thank you so much

Mr and Mrs M

Proud Parents

Dear Mr & Mrs M,

I write to acknowledge the impressive student profile report I read on Joshua at the end of the last term. One of the great joys in my role is the opportunity to see the fruits of hard work that young people reap following a consistent approach to their school work. As well I particularly enjoy reading reports such as Joshua’s which speak so highly of him as a person.

Indeed many employers that I speak with are telling me that the area of school reports which is of the most importance to them is the Student Profile and not the academic performance. The world we now live in and the world of the future will need team players, trustworthy people, people who can follow instructions and work cooperatively and most importantly, people who can demonstrate a great respect for others and themselves.

Joshua is demonstrating these very qualities at a very high level.

This does not normally happen by accident. Such personal qualities are generally only possible in young people if they have a supportive and encouraging family walking the journey of education with them and so this letter is as much a congratulations to you as it is to Joshua.

Please pass on my personal congratulations to Joshua and encourage him to continue to be the very best person he can be. Joshua is a credit to both you and himself.

College Principal

Terra Sancta College

I am a 37-year-old mother of three children ages I1, 9 and 6. Like most mothers I found it was a constant battle trying to encourage the children to complete tasks. I found myself forever shouting and arguing with them especially with my nine-year old son.

My husband understood the difficulty I had with raising my children, unfortunately, he couldn’t do much as he works very long hours and is mentally exhausted to do anything when he arrives at home,

When Mary explained to my husband that she was an NLP therapist and working in the field of parenting, he ‘knew this would really help me with my children, However, I wasn’t as confident.

Everyday my husband would arrive home and I would complain about my day. My husband would encourage me to ring Mary and “just ask her what she thinks”. I would respond with “I don’t have a Problem with raising my kids’. After a few months, I finally had a conversation with Mary and at that moment realized she was more of a support person and not a judge. I explained my situation and she was happy to come to my home and meet the children after a day at school.

When my 9-year-old son came home he wasn’t interested in meeting any one because he was hungry and tired. I encouraged him to be polite and say hello to Mary. A forced hello was all we could get from him.

Mary turned him around with her words and nature. Not only was he “showing her his homework, he was telling me that be remembered her looking after him while I went shopping. Something Mary and I knew wasn’t true.

Mary continued to encourage him to talk to her about his homework. She invented a game which worked on using a timer, and thus encouraged him to complete it quicker and without a problem. She then guided me on how to continue to work with him making sure I used the right language and actions.

A simple plan by Mary has made my school holidays more enjoyable, by encouraging the children to work out their own time table we can both agree on what activities we can share together. It has helped me a great deal with all my children, and even other children that I see it has me closer to them as there is not the constant fighting and arguing.

It’s nice to know Mary is there as a support and a friend.

Relieved Mum

South West Sydney, NSW, July 2006

Working as General Manager of a large Insurance Company presented its challenges but the greatest challenge of my life came when my wife told me she wanted a divorce. At first I thought she was joking because I didn’t believe that we had any major relationship issues but obviously, I was working long hours and I was so passionate about my job that I didn’t see what was happening at home.

We have two children, whom I adore, and she insisted that the children would go with her. If this wasn’t bad enough, after she left she had her attorney issue me with a notice that restricted my visiting rights with the children. This last blow devastated me and my work began to suffer. Within 6 weeks I lost my job and I found myself in total depression. I lost confidence in myself, I was angry and I was obsessed with the thought of getting revenge on my wife.

A colleague and trusted friend could see I was on the road to self-destruction and that’s when he suggested that I call Mary Johnson to see how she could help me. At first I dismissed his suggestion, thinking to myself, why would I want to call someone I didn’t know, talk about my personal life and in any case what could she do about it? But when you hit rock bottom, with nowhere to go you have two options – you call for help or yourself destruct. That God, I found the courage to call Mary.

Upon meeting Mary, I was impressed, she portrayed a strong character, yet she was gentle, understanding, non-judgemental and patient. Surprisingly enough I found it very easy to talk to her about personal matters which I had never discussed with anyone.

Mary listened and asked many questions and each question she asked, had me examine many areas of my life that I had never addressed. Each time I met with Mary I progressed and I started to take back control of my life. Mary had me realize that anger, revenge and playing the victim was self-destructive. She had me discover an understanding and she helped me adopt strategies that would empower me. Within 3 weeks of seeing Mary I landed myself another top Executive Job, I was in a better frame of mind to address the issues with my wife and whilst my wife and I have agreed on a divorce, I have won the visiting rights with my children which is everything to me.

Mary is a person you want on your side when the chips are down. She is an excellent Therapist, the best part is that when working with Mary you don’t feel that she is a Therapist, she engages with you in a way that you feel she is a very qualified trusted friend.

Robert McK

Northern Beaches, Sydney, July 2005

I am the mother of four (4) children, three (3) boys and one (1) girl. My daughter who is now 8 years old can at times display uncontrollable behavior and can be a handful to say the least.

I was experiencing quite erratic behavior, which disrupted the household, every morning about her going to school. She would cry and carry on about going to school to the point that she would become quite destructive, throwing anything and everything she could on the floor in an attempt to avoid going to school.

I contacted Mary Johnson and discussed my frustration and anxiety over my daughter’s behavior. Mary, one morning, rang my home whilst my daughter was having a tantrum. Somehow I managed to get my daughter to the phone.

Mary knew my daughter and this helped in Mary being to work with my daughter using NLP innervations on the phone. Mary played an N.L.P. game with her calling it ‘magic’. This, Mary explained to me later, was an N.L.P. swish pattern intervention. Within 5 – 7 minutes my daughter went from a tantrum state to a very resourceful state as if by magic. Before she even hung up the phone she was, excited about going to school and her only concern was the mess that she had made.

Whilst Mary is still working through other emotional problems with my daughter, my daughter hasn’t given me any more hassles about going to school.

Thank you Mary.

Traumatised Mum


My child who is 8 years old, participates in several competitive sports one ow which is gymnastics.  Earlier in the year she experienced an ankle injury which resulted in her unable to train for a period of time. Within a month my child had the opportunity to compete and although hesitant we decided to let her give it a go.  She started her routine beautifully but midway stopped, frozen having forgotten her steps.  She ran off the stage crying her little heart out.

After that, when it came to competition time my daughter suffered panic and anxiety attacks.  This concerned me as I knew it was not healthy for her to feel that way and that it could flow on to other areas of her life.

I had been told that Mary Johnson worked with children and had great success.  Naturally I was apprehensive as I questioned whether I really needed to be taking my child to a therapist or whether that would complicate things further.

As I knew there were other competitions coming up I decided with my child’s best interest in mind I decided to give Mary a call.  I explained the situation over the phone and Mrs Johnson would have realized by the panic tone in my voice I was desperate.

I took my child to see Mrs Johnson at her well-being centre.  Mary warmed up to my daughter, gaining her confidence and then played a few simple games (which Mary explained were NLP techniques) with my daughter.   My daughter opened to Mary about her feelings thoughts and anxieties.  Mary then took my daughter through some visualization techniques and taught her how to take control of her emotional state.

After leaving Mary my daughter didn’t say too much to me about what she had discussed with Mary.  However, through this experience I truly believe that actions speak louder than words.

The next day my daughter was to compete in a State Competition.  When it came time for my daughter to compete I noticed her preparation this time was different to any other time.  Before stepping onto the competition floor, she looked more confident and finished the routine, achieving her personal best.

My child was awarded placing in every event she entered which boosted her spirit, confidence and definably her self-esteem.

Sometimes as parents we think children bounce back after experience challenges, we believe they are resilient to things that may not affect us.  However, I have learned that some issues are intangible and if not acted upon may leave damage for them later in life.

I personally, very highly, recommend Mary Johnson as a Therapist having experienced firsthand the outcome that she achieved in such a short time.  It was remarkable.


Sydney, NSW, June 2006

At the time of my meeting with Mary Johnson, I was in a low negative stage of my life, feeling the pressure of having to be everything to everyone and the pressures and the expectations of a Lebanese husband.  It was all becoming too difficult, I had nowhere to turn and really believed that there was nothing and no one that could change my situation.

On talking to Mary, I found it easy to relate my feelings and although some of the areas were quite personal I felt I could trust her, with confidentiality.  Mary listened whilst I spoke and asked questions to make it easy for me to relate and I could not believe that anyone could understand relate to what I was going through, as well as she did.

In the past when I attempted to talk to other therapist’s I would be told to challenge my husband and to realise that we are in the ‘new millennium’ and that I had right’s too.  This I knew would not work and in desperation when I tried what was suggested; it back fired and my husband even more aggressive and our relationship more fragile.

Mary, on the other hand surprised me with her answer, for she said – “Why are you competing with your husband? And at what cost?”  She gave me new ways to look at the situation, she worked with me on my own self-esteem issues and when I tried out her suggestions with my husband, I couldn’t believe the results!  There was no need for him to be confronted in any way, yet he has changed his attitude towards the relationship.

As a result, my view of life has changed.  I am still working with Mary on other areas of my life including parenting my children and each and every session empowers me to be a happier and fulfilled wife and mother.  My heart goes out to the other Lebanese women who find themselves in the position I was in and I could only wish for them that they take the necessary steps as I did.

Thank you, Mary, for helping me turn my life around.

Mother of Children at St Charbels

Condell Park, Sydney, NSW

Dear Mary Johnson,

How are you? I am so sorry that I have not been in contact with you that much throughout my trip. I had a tough season and it was very hard for me to find out that I didn’t make the Paralympics Ski Team. This is not going to stop me and I am not going to give up. You helped me so much, you changed my outlook on life and helped me to realise what I can achieve if I put my mind to it and work towards my goals. It was very unfortunate that I had a crash this year which put me out for so long, but this has made me more determined to create my next long term goal, ie. 2010 Winter Paralympics, and work my hardest to achieve it.

2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada I will be there competing! It may be another 4 years away but this Paralympics will be mine. For the next 4 years this means I can organise myself, set my next short term goals and work towards achieving them.

The build up to the 2006 Winter Paralympics was challenging but exciting at the same time. I am very happy with my decision to carry on and that I have created a new goal to look forward to and work towards.

I would really like for you to be a part of my future goal and continue training with you as you have made such an impact on my life and athletic career. My plans at this stage are to return home early in May, start training immediately for the Australian winter season in July ad then fly to Colorado for an early start to the North American winter season in October 2006. My next major competition that I am working towards is the 2007 World Championships.

Thank you for helping me in so many different ways, I look forward to catching up with you when I return home and talking to you about the near future.

Cynthia Mitchell

Dear Mary Johnson,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support that you have given Cynthia Mitchell, as she contends for selection on the 2006 Australian Paralympic Team.

The time that you have taken to assist and support Cynthia is invaluable and I appreciate all your hard work and guidance.

I wish Cynthia the best of luck in her preparation as we approach the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games and I am grateful that she has unquestionable support from you along the way.

Darren Peters

Chief Executive Office, Australian Paralympic Committee

I first went to see Mary when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. My brother had just been in a very serious accident and my life seemed to be falling apart. I was overwhelmed by what was happening and found myself in a very dark place.

For a long time, I thought I could handle things on my own, and though I tried, I just kept falling further and further into the darkness. I knew that this was not where I wanted to be and that I needed to do something to change it. I didn’tcwant to take anti-depressants; I wanted some skills and strategies that I could use, not only to help myself, but also to help my family.

When I first saw Mary and she began talking to me about “Life Style Solutions Plus” and N.L.P, I thought, “This is it! this is exactly what I need!”, and it was, and so much more.

In just a few sessions I was able to see through my problems and not only get back on track, but also speed miles down it. Mary believed in me and worked with me to turn my life around. She helped me to find the big person I always knew I was. Not only did I get out of that dark place, but I was able to find my purpose and passion in life. While I know that there will be many more challenges that I will face, I now feel well equipped to take them on.

I would recommend this course to anyone, regardless of their situation, I think all can benefit from it’s teachings, and I highly recommend Mary as a therapist, there is no one better that you would want in your corner!

Sarah Baldwin

Rockdale, NSW, November 2005

I met Mary on a professional level whilst managing a telemarketing company in Pyrmont. Upon finding out about Mary’s qualifications and considering that I found it very easy to relate to her, even though I am only 25 years old, I felt at ease in being able to be open up about my personal well being.

Mary offered to help me through some of my issues. I must admit I felt hesitant at first because I knew some of my issues were very personal and deep seeded and doubted if there was anything or anyone that could help clear my baggage.

Mary encouraged me to commit to change my life, for she said, “if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result”. I took a deep breath and a leap of faith.

I completed 13 sessions with Mary, each session completed left me with a new understanding of where I had come from, who I was and where I am going. Each session built on the previous and as the sessions continued I became totally self empowered, to the point that I made major (huge) shifts in my life.

I am at ease with all of the events that have taken place in my life, from my childhood and up to the present for I have taken positive learning’s from those which I now understand have been character building for me.

The best way that I can describe the effect my self empowerment has had on me is that when I met Mary, I not only looked up to her, but also felt intimidated, whereas now I look across at her and feel proud of the person I have become.

Thank you so much Mary.


NSW, June 2005

I love going to seminars and learning about the human psyche and how powerful the mind really is. I’ve done numerous personal development courses including N.L.P and am at a very good stage in my life.

Even with this, I decided to take up one on one coaching sessions with Mary Johnson. I felt I wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted in terms of achieving my goals and even with all the techniques I learnt, sometimes it’s not easy stepping out of the problem when your in it.

I didn’t expect a lot out of it having completed so much previously, but to my surprise it turned out to be extremely beneficial.

In 9 weeks with Mary I am more self assured, I have confidence in being able to achieve my goals, having already achieved a huge goal of traveling all around Europe. I have learnt even more about myself and have been able to open new doors of possibilities.

Each session uncannily synchronized with events that were happening in my life and Mary was extremely supportive through all my wins and losses. She helped me empower myself all the way.

I highly recommend life coaching to anyone who wants to fast track him or herself to achieve their goals. It is always comforting to know that there will be someone there to give you a push when you need it and catch you before you fall.

Joy Pe

March 2005

Mary was referred to me by my sister in law. I am employed as a senior executive in a very large firm and long working hours and stress comes as part of the package. I was experiencing a lot of problems when it came to sleeping as I found it very difficult to switch off. I was only happy when I was working, but no matter how much I worked it never seemed to be enough and the more I worked the more tired I was feeling and I was making wrong decisions and this aggravated my stress level. My family and my friends labelled me as a workaholic and this also concerned me.

Originally I decided to see Mary with one intention and that was for her to hypnotize me so that I could sleep better. My first consultation was a bit of a shock to me because Mary said she would not hypnotize me, she told me she was not a hypnotist she was a hypnotherapist. I must confess this did not impress me at all, all I wanted was for her hypnotize me to help me to sleep better.

Mary explained that there could be an underlying reason which was preventing me from switching off at night. Well, yes I thought, there was, I was working long hours.

Reflecting back, I must admit I was not very cooperative, but Mary was very patient and extremely understanding. Mary encouraged me to talk about myself, about my childhood, my present lifestyle etc. Incredibly within a short span of time I found that I was talking to her about matters which I hadn’t thought about for many, many years. Other things I brought up I had never really addressed and piece by piece just like a picture puzzle, I had a self-awareness like I had never had before. I identified issues that had caused me a lot of pain in my childhood and other more current issues which I had never realized affected me so much.

Mary using Time Line Therapy techniques and NLP techniques helped me heal the past hurts. However, more importantly the real healing happened when I discovered through these techniques the release of the shackles that had and were holding me back. It was so liberating to make these discoveries and I was grateful to be in a very safe environment, with a person who was non-
judgemental and whom I knew I could trust.

Mary seeing the transformation I had gone through, agreed to some hypnosis and for me that was like put the icing on the cake.

After a series of consultations, I found myself able to switch off at the end of the day, I slept better than I had for years, I had more energy and I was a much happier person. My family, colleagues and friends all see the difference in me.

I highly recommend Mary Johnson as a professional therapist to all who are seeking answers to stumbling blocks they may be experiencing in their life.

Kathryn C

Eastern Suburbs NSW, March 2005

Working as an entertainer, whilst an incredible blessing and a lot of fun, is often filled with disappointment, rejection and delusion. My self-confidence was virtually non-existent.

Since meeting with Mary, my confidence has soared, as has my belief in my abilities. I now know there is greater potential for success in my future endeavors.

Whilst rejection is still a part of this industry, my self-belief continues to improve, as do the opportunities in my career. I am now confident that I can create the future that I deserve and see my life dreams become reality.

I am so appreciative that Mary has shared her insight and knowledge with me. Mary gave above and beyond her life trainer obligations. Her inspiration and belief in me as a person is assisting me in fulfilling my destiny.

Mary is an incredible human being and I know that anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will see major results in their life in a very short period of time.

Thank you for choosing to work with me.


NSW, February 2004

I lost my mother through breast cancer at the age of 24 , the day before my wedding day. What was supposed to be the happiest day of my life turned out to be saddest.

I have been married for twelve years and I have three children. Any parent would find raising children difficult especially when you don’t have a mother to lean on.

My husband could obviously see the hurt I was carrying around and encouraged me to speak to Mary. I couldn’t understand how Mary, who didn’t know anything about me, would be able to help me. I didn’t need any help. I accepted the fact I was always going to be upset about my mother’s death.

Finally after a lot of encouragement from my husband I finally met up with Mary. I couldn’t believe how well we connected just from first visit. I talked to her about my mother’s death and how it has affected me.

Mary was very sympathetic with me but also helped me to accept her death by concentrating on the positive facts. Yes, she was right! My mother had met my husband, and she was there for the journey. There was so much we shared together leading up to the wedding day. I was very grateful for this because I knew it was something my brother and sister missed out on.

Incredibly Mary quickly simplified the whole situation with a few words. Now I can talk about my mother more freely. I am not so emotional about everyday problems that occur in our day-to-day lives.

It’s wonderful to feel more confident and controlled of my life. This therefore is great asset when raising three young children. Mary has helped me in more ways than I thought possible and I am grateful I have had this opportunity to work with her.



On the 21st June, 2006 I met with Mary Johnson for the first time, I was struck by how at ease and comfortable her approach made me feel, wanting help to quit smoking, Mary took the time to determine the reasons for my addiction in preparation for my therapy. I had been a smoker for 8years and I was smoking 20 cigarettes without fail each & every day..

I only had one session with Mary, and it was a great success. I walked away with a sense of well being that I had not felt for quite some time. I have not had a cigarette since the session and I feel great in becoming a non-smoker.

Thanks, Mary and all the best

Steph W

Inner West, NSW, July 2006

I came to Mary lacking self esteem and motivation. I could never leave my comfort zone so I would just go with the flow. At 47 years old I was never going to move forward so with Mary’s guidance my self esteem and confidence has greatly improved.

I have just bought my first home and am very confident that all areas of my life have been greatly enhanced. My sincere thanks to you Mary.

Grant K

Sutherland Shire, NSW, April 2006