time management for working mum

The one precious gift we all have, regardless of colour creed or financial status, which many of us are guilty of abusing is TIME. Many don’t appreciate the gift of:

  • Time to enjoy our children
  • Time to love, hug and smile
  • Time to experience happy times with our family
  • Time to watch a sunrise or sunset
  • Time to be with friends
  • Time to enjoy the basics of life; good health, the roof over our head, food on our table

All the above become precious to us when we don’t have them or are at risk of losing them.  For example;

  • Our children are diagnosed with an illness
  • We lose a loved one
  • We experience a divorce
  • We lose our job and our finances are restricted
  • We become sick

Think about it, most of us crave for what we don’t have and then when we have it we take it for granted until we are at risk of losing it.

This behaviour robs us of the enjoyment of time enjoying the people and things most important to us.

We make excuses claiming we don’t have time to be with our kids, our family and our friends. We don’t have time to sit and enjoy the sun rising or sun settings.  We have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

But how true is that statement?  Or is it true at all?

As a Coach and Mentor, I can assure you having too much to do is not the only reason we don’t have enough time to do the things we love to do.  The truth is most of us live in auto pilot, many of us procrastinate and there are many who just take the things we should treasure for granted.

Awareness is sometimes all it takes to make change.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence will create awareness in many areas of your life.  I invite you to download your FREE E BOOK ‘THE POWER OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE’

Best Working Mum

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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