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Dear Mary Johnson,

Last year my husband and I approached you and relayed to you our concerns about our eldest son, who was in his last year at Primary’s School. Our concern was that although he had always been an attentive student, he was very shy, and had very low self-esteem, which resulted in him not wanting to participate at school in various activities and nit wanting to mix with other children. My son also showed some anxiety when it came to talking about him going to High School.

You spoken at length with my husband and I and you explained that our son’s behavior could be related to perhaps the parenting style we were using with him. Although this came as a surprise to us, both my husband and I decided to work with you in order to clarify the problem. Both my husband I were concerned that had we not addressed the matter with our son, he could have a very traumatic time in his first year of High School, which no doubt could stay with him through his Schooling years and perhaps his life

The Initial work was with my husband and myself and we must say we were surprised how unintentionally we were to a degree instrumental in the way our son was behaving. You took time explain to us, in everyday plain English what we were doing right and what we were doing not so right and you gave us suggestions and guidance as to what to do differently. You also worked with our son and used what you said were NLP Interventions and taught him some life coaching technique.

When he started High School this year, we saw some improvement, however, I believe the letter we have just received from his School Principal speaks for itself. I am forwarding you a copy of this letter because we believe that commendation in that letter relates to you as it does to our son and to us parents. Thank you so much for playing such an instrumental part in turning our son’s life around. Both my husband and myself are very proud of him but equally important he is proud of himself.

Thank you so much

Mr and Mrs M

Proud Parents

Dear Mr & Mrs M,I write to acknowledge the impressive student profile report I read on Joshua at the end of the last term. One of the great joys in my role is the opportunity to see the fruits of hard work that young people reap following a consistent approach to their school work. As well I particularly enjoy reading reports such as Joshua’s which speak so highly of him as a person.

Indeed many employers that I speak with are telling me that the area of school reports which is of the most importance to them is the Student Profile and not the academic performance. The world we now live in and the world of the future will need team players, trustworthy people, people who can follow instructions and work cooperatively and most importantly, people who can demonstrate a great respect for others and themselves.

Joshua is demonstrating these very qualities at a very high level.

This does not normally happen by accident. Such personal qualities are generally only possible in young people if they have a supportive and encouraging family walking the journey of education with them and so this letter is as much a congratulations to you as it is to Joshua.

Please pass on my personal congratulations to Joshua and encourage him to continue to be the very best person he can be. Joshua is a credit to both you and himself.

Chris McDermott

College Principal, Terra Sancta College