Rescue of the Enchanted Forest

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THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE – Rescue of the Enchanted Forest is a metaphor story based on the Enchanted Forest surrounding the Castle where real magic happens. The Wizard calls children to the Castle to help him as there is a war going on between the good wolf and the bad wolf and the Forest is in danger of being destroyed by the bad wolf. As the child is encouraged to help the Wizard the child discovers a power within themselves which helps them to control disruptive behaviour, the likes of anger, disrespect, and naughtiness.

When a story is told as a metaphor, it has a special effect. Metaphors are the language of the sub conscious mind. Telling metaphors is a fun way of teaching children and adults alike, as it is a way that the lesson is taught through by- passing the critical factor.

Read as a bedtime story every night the story unfolds and the child discovers that he/she has the power to control their behaviour. Rescuing the Enchanted Forest is the catalyst for embedding in the child’s mind the belief that feeding only the good wolf is the secret of destroying the bad wolf. This story will be loved by all children and it will be especially effective for children who lack self-control, who are disobedient, angry or disrespectful.

This CD MUST NOT be used when driving or using any type of machinery, as the recording does put the listener into a very relaxed self – hypnotic state of mind.   It is best listened to with earphones, in a quiet place where there is no distraction.


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