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Living in today’s modern and exciting time can place a lot of stress on Children and adults alike, albeit that children do like to engage in the ever-growing bombardment of distractions.  The result of these distractions is that more and more children are having trouble when it comes to studying, as many lack the level of concentration required for effective study.

Concentration strategies require practice and the best way to practice concentrating is by listening effortlessly to music or recordings.  This Study and Concentration downloadable CD has been created working on the premise that auto-suggestion can have a wonderfully powerful and beneficial effect, that can harness the power of the sub-conscious mind, providing the listener with the opportunity of making positive changes. By listening to this CD every day for 21days preferable at the same time, the listener can notice considerable improvement, as this recording is a very effective means of by passing the conscious mind.

This CD MUST NOT be used when driving or using any type of machinery, as the recording does put the listener into a very relaxed hypnotic state of mind. It is best listened to with earphones, in a quiet place where there is no distraction.


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