The Ultimate Guide to Successful Parenting – Babies & Toddlers – 118 Pages

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Parenting of toddlers can be a challenging task, especially for new parents. If you or someone you know is going to be a parent, then this book is a must read for you! Written in an immaculate and understandable style for parents of newborns and primary schoolers; this guidance can augment your parenting style so you can face any new challenge head on. By coupling your parenting style with tried and tested, proven solutions you can now raise a Happy and Confident Child.

From this book, you will gather insights into:

  • What challenges lie ahead for the parents of the New Millennium Child
  • Why it is all about parents to be?
  • Pregnancy & Motherhood
  • Mother Baby Bond
  • Mother Baby Bond
  • Introducing Baby to Siblings
  • Babies & Toddlers
  • The Only Child
  • Parenting Styles
  • Baby Sleep Pattern
  • Baby’s Milestones and the importance of reaching them
  • Baby Milestones
  • Formative Years
  • Precious Moments with Preschoolers
  • How to gear up for day-care or pre-school
  • How to cope with pre-school bullying
  • How to proactively manage temper tantrums
  • Pre-School Swearing
  • Children and Making Friends
  • Why Metaphor Magic works?
  • And more…

‘The Ultimate Guide to Successful Parenting’ will not only open the door to clarity about straightforward parenting skills and purposeful solutions, but it will also surprise and reward the reader with re-enforcement about their parenting skills.

Read the ‘Ultimate Guide to Successful Parenting’ to DISCOVER that defining moment of change, where you adopt one piece of information, which could be the catalyst that greatly minimizes parenting stress or frustration, replacing it with joy and satisfaction of witnessing, as if by magic, your child’s transformation. This book will become a reliable and trustworthy companion, guiding and informing the reader while reiterating that they as parents are doing the best they can with the resources they have at their disposal to raise their child in the best possible manner.


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