The Ultimate Guide to Successful Parenting – Primary School Age Kids – 141 Pages

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Just as you thought your child had finally settled into pre-school, the year ended and it was time for primary school. No need to panic! Even though your child will face a number of unique challenges, you are not alone. We are here to help you every step of the way. The biggest challenge in raising children today is protecting the child from harmful external influences of the society.  Among the top specific concerns mentioned are drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, the impact of television as well as the harmful impact of social media websites.

In recent times, digital media has revolutionized children’s life. From providing entertainment to education and communication, it plays an active role in every department of the child’s existence. This has a profound impact on parents as well; they are not only forced to continuously learn potentially valuable skills and incorporate them into their parenting style but consistently keep on top of them.

Inside this book, “The Ultimate Guide to Successful Parenting – Primary School Aged Kids”, you will discover the main challenges parents face in relation to raising kids within the digital era.

You will also gather insights into:

  • Transitioning to primary school
  • Four unique parenting styles
  • How to deal with kids who demonstrate bad attitude
  • How to deal with kids who have anger management issues
  • Discipline Threat or Bribe?
  • Self Esteem – Self Worth
  • Peer Pressure & Depression
  • Bullying, its effects and how to deal with it
  • Why Children tell lies?
  • Effective Communication
  • How to build good Character/life & Social Skills
  • Children & Values
  • Children& Responsibility
  • Respect for Parents
  • Respect for Teachers
  • Respect for Other Cultures & Authorities
  • Importance of Sports
  • Ways to encourage Study
  • Brother-Sister Relationship
  • Mother-Son Relationship
  • Father-Daughter Relationship
  • The Wider Family
  • The Effect Divorce has on kids

All this and a lot more.

IMAGINE transforming your life, along with your child’s, when you discover that ‘defining the moment of change’ where one small piece of information acts as a channel to eliminate the parenting stress and frustration, instead, replacing it with gratification and glee as you see positive results unwind before your very eyes.


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