This great debate or let’s say difference of opinion between the pressures felt by mums who are stay at home mums and other mums who go out to work is and will continue to be an ongoing debate. The debate appears to be around who has it tougher and how the children are affected when a mum re-enter the workforce.

Some are also very opinionated as to whether a woman should go back to work if they have a child.

Whilst one has the right to be opinionated, one should not be judgemental and lay blame on working mums.The fact that a mum decides to re-enter the workforce doesn’t mean that she is a less better parent for having done so or that her children will suffer because of her decision to return to work. There are as many pros and cons to being a stay at home mum as there are being a working mum.

home-vs-working-momFor the purpose of this article, the definition of a working mum is both a stay at home mum and a mum that re-enters the workforce.  Let’s face it both mums have a work load and face challenges. Yes, it can be said a mum who has a child and leaves the home to go to work may have added pressure in coping to balance home and work life, however it can be argued that a stay at home mum who has 2 or 3 kids has as much pressure and in some instances also has financial pressure because she can’t or has decided not to re-enter the workforce.Then there is the stay at home mum who can’t re-enter the workforce due to health issues or having to care for a disabled child.

As individuals, we all cope differently with the pressures of parenting children, doing household chores, doing the shopping cooking and looking after a husband or partner.

As mothers, we all share one common challenge that being the need to hold it altogether and at the same time stay emotionally balanced.  Mums experience many challenges raising children in this unpredictable fast paced society.  These challenges coupled with all the other chores needing to be done, or working outside the home weigh heavily on a mother’s emotions.  At times, both working and stay at home mums alike experience overwhelming feelings of frustration, stress self-doubt and guilt may creep in either because working mums don’t spend as much time as they would like with their children or stay at home mums don’t have the money to give their child the little extras that children want. It goes without saying it’s for these reasons mums need to do whatever it takes to manage and be in control of their own emotional state.

Behaviour, decision making, the way we communicate and how well we cope with things that happen to us and around us is all dependent on our emotional state.

Think about it, if you feel in control, regardless of what is happening to and around you, you become less frustrated, your stress level is less, your mood is stable, your decision making is clearer, you communicate more effectively and without anger and you are less likely to procrastinate.

The reality is you don’t have control over what life throws at you, however the good news is regardless to whether you are a working mum or a stay at home mum, you can have control of how you respond to what happens to and around you.  You will note I wrote respond not react.  Because when you react you usually aren’t in control.

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